Freezing at Rodeo Beach

Rodeo Beach | Smiling in Sonoma

Here in wine country we have been experiencing some unusually hot weather so the hubs and I wanted to escape the heat for our weekend hike and headed for the beach. Yikes! Big temperature drop and some chilly winds but felt oh so good to cool off!

We started our Rodeo Beach Hike at the Marin Headlands visitor center (get there early for parking) and walked along the lagoon. There were a few snowy egrets, some ducks and then this lovely great blue heron that made the most adorable noise as he yelled at the ducks. He didn’t care we were standing just 30 feet away snapping pics and other people riding by…he was king of this lagoon.

Crossing the road from the lagoon to Miwok Trail there were signs for an UltraMarathon happening. Thankfully there weren’t a ton of runners and we weren’t on their trail the whole time. Heading up Miwok Trail the grass is windswept and adds beautiful color to the brown hillsides. We love where we live but this beauty is a nice change from miles of vineyards!

Once we started the climb up to Wolf Ridge Trail we came across a coyote pup…like the heron he didn’t care we were on his trail. He slowly walked down toward us and once he figured out we didn’t have food for him nor were we edible he headed off the trail to hunt in some bushes. Love that we get to see wildlife in their natural habitats. People and animals can coexist.

As we kept climbing up we went further and further into the fog rolling in. At the beginning of our hike it was a bit foggy but warm. This was getting windy up at the top and white out conditions. All we could see was the trail. Made it a little eerie since we had seen the coyote, we weren’t sure what else we might encounter. On a clear day this hike would be hot but would have gorgeous views of the ocean!

When you can really hear the ocean waves crashing and start encountering more hikers you will find yourself at Battery Townsley. World War II era bunkers are all along the coast near the Golden Gate to guard the area. Unfortunately some artists like to share their works on historic places so there is some graffiti on the outside of a few of the bunkers. Keep going down and the parks have rehabilitated a couple that you can walk through (safely) and they even have tours once a month. There’s a massive 16 inch gun that’s 68 feet long outside one of them for display. The size is crazy and can’t imagine the ingenuity of the men putting these in place up on the hill.

Walking down from here you have a clear view of Rodeo Lagoon again with surfers catching waves along the beach. Old barracks are now used as offices for the Marin Headlands and yes, there’s a restroom here! Always a welcome sight along a hike. Cross over the beach and head back up the hill on the other side back to the visitor center (with another restroom =)).

It was a cold, windy, foggy hike but was fun to see all the different sites but the heated seats in the car were so welcomed! This hike is near the Point Bonita Lighthouse, if you haven’t been there it is absolutely worth the side trip to see this beauty. On a clear day you have broad views of the Golden Gate Bridge and you even get to cross a little walking bridge high above the rocks to the lighthouse which you can go inside. Well worth it!

Our adventure ended in Tiburon high on a hill swinging from a giant eucalyptus tree (Hippie Tree) with views of the bay and Golden Gate Bridge. I cannot complain about where we live!


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