Muir Beach

Of course we woke up late on a Saturday and of course Muir Woods was too crowded when we got there with cars parked along the road to the entrance. Totally ok, we had a back up plan even though we had no cell signal to look up our back up plan. We decided to just go to Muir Beach and find a hike to do….wow, what a concept! I am usually so prepared and have the hike and the afternoon all planned out and even have a list of a few optional things to do. Not that day. We found the beach by way of road signs, not Siri, and we found an amazing hike with wonderful signs along the path so we never got lost. It was as if we were back in the 90’s again!

The hike was gorgeous! Foggy and cool when we started and sunny and warm as we finished, like most days along the coast. We hiked longer than we anticipated and much more elevation gain than we were expecting. We definitely were not bored on the hike with the winding trail and many spots to take in the view. We weren’t at 100% that day so we took our time and snapped some great pics of the views along the way. Oh and I found my dream house tucked in the cove. If we ever win the lotto, we are totally buying it and never leaving!

I love where we live. I know, I say this all the time but it just is amazing what is within an hour of our house. On the way to Muir BeachMuir Beach (19)

Muir Beach (7)

Along the hike

Muir Beach

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