Waterfalls and Waves – Matt Davis Trail to Dipsea

Matt Davis Trail | Smiling in Sonoma

Sometimes I get so excited about something I can’t verbalize what I need, I just get these wide eyes and big hand gestures. This is how I described our hike this weekend to anyone who would listen!

Waves crashing in the background, water trickling along the trail, fog and dense tree lined trails ahead. This was just the first 2 miles of hiking up the Matt Davis Trail from Stinson Beach…heaven on a trail.

I don’t believe I was fully prepared to know the breadth of the beauty we would see this day. The ivy dangling from the trees as we started our hike set the mood for the magic ahead. Switchbacks up through the enchanted forest with rock steps, wood steps and root steps made it easier to make the ascent to 1,500 feet. The peek-a-boo views of Stinson Beach distracted us from the many fellow hikers and the sounds of the water falls flowing over the large granite rocks drowned out all the worries from the world around us. I could walk this trail every weekend.

The views at the top of the hill of the San Francisco skyline were amazing to see from our spot along the trail. Even though the fog was just lifting we could see the outline of the Golden Gate Bridge and all the city building outlines. Most of the other hikers along the trail were equally excited about seeing all this beauty. How could you not?

The hubs and I followed along the Matt Davis trail to cross Panoramic Highway to the glorious campground at Pantoll and half way pit stop with flushing toilets! I always get excited when there’s flushing toilets! It’s such a treat on our hikes!

From here we headed down on Steep Ravine trail to Dipsea. We jumped down several steps down while following a creek under the canopy of gloriously tall trees. Everyone we saw struggling up the steps we encouraged to keep going, “you are almost to the halfway point” I would tell them. Then we came upon the ladder I had dreaded…have I mentioned I don’t really like heights? This hike had countless bridges, although short, that scared me and now this ladder! It was the only way up or down next to the waterfall. Thankfully we hit this spot before the large group of hikers did. It probably took me a few minutes to climb down just about 15 feet, times like this I truly believe the hubs has the patience of a saint with me. Once we reached the bottom and kept trucking along we ran into a group of about 50 hikers. It was crazy but they all seemed like they were absolutely enjoying themselves…then we came upon smaller groups that we kept encouraging to follow the creek and enjoy the mini waterfalls. I don’t remember the last time we were on such a populated hike to break up the silence of the forest.

And then the hiking down became a steady climb again…oh the aches in the calves! Then, tada!! Views of Stinson Beach and Bolinas Lagoon. Every step was so worth it! We knew just 1 more mile and we could be relaxing on the beach with our picnic. There’s several places to pick up lunch so you can take your pick and then plop your sore booty on the nice hot sand and enjoy the view of the waves you heard along the trail and the sea breeze to cool you off. Oh and don’t forget to stop at Toby’s in Point Reyes to get a nice cup of joe!

Would love to know your favorite hike or sport that gets you so excited you can’t help but wave your hands in the air and get so excited!


Linked this week to inspiration on the Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge….getting outdoors and snapping up pics of memories inspire me to continue blogging and sharing the beauty we live in. Check out more inspiration here!

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