Lake Lagunitas, not the beer

Lake Lagunitas | Smiling in Sonoma

On a Friday sitting having lunch with my coworkers out in the vineyard and one asks where I am going on a hike that weekend, I respond by saying “a nice easy one at Lake Lagunitas”….all they heard was Lagunitas (a local brewery) and were wondering why I would be drinking beer at 8 am. After a couple minutes of a very confusing conversation they figured it out that I was hiking and not drinking and had a good laugh. I wish this place was made of beer!

Lake Lagunitas is a gorgeous small lake/reservoir in the shadows of the mighty Mount Tamalpais and is the smallest of the reservoirs providing drinking water for Marin County with a nice wide trail around the lake. There’s a lot of offshoot trails that you could get lost for days. Such a wonderful place to explore!

We stuck to the main trail around the lake and the views did not disappoint. From the parking lot in the back head up the hill toward the lake. We did the loop counterclockwise and had amazing views of Mount Tam and the sun sparkling on the water as we easily walked through the forest. A few mountain bikers past by us and the only other thing we could hear were ourselves and the birds calling to each other to warn of crazy people with a camera walking by. There’s several spots with benches down by the water to relax and enjoy the view. If you sneak up really quietly you can hear the frogs jumping from the lily pads into the water with a cute little “meep” as they jump. Of course I giggled each time I heard it!

If you are looking for a nice easy quiet place to enjoy a couple peaceful hours stop on by and enjoy Lake Lagunitas. Don’t forget to take a stroll through the absolutely adorable hippie town of Fairfax on the way back down the hill! The coffee was delicious and a stop in at the Mexican restaurant for street tacos was a perfect snack after our hike….then check out the shops. They are so cute and everyone is so very friendly there.

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  1. Looks absolutely gorgeous! What a great way to spend part of the weekend! Especially, perhaps, with a namesake beer after 🙂

    1. It is a great little find here! And so close to the hustle and bustle of the city.

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