Kruse Rhododendron State Reserve

Can you imagine that the lovely rhododendron bush in your yard could get over 20 feet tall and survive for lifetimes? These beauties are gorgeous in spring!

After checking out the crazy bowling ball formations along the southern Mendocino Coast we drove back down to Kruse Rhododendron State Reserve. We had stopped in before to see if the Rhododendron’s were in bloom yet. This time about 1/3 of the blooms were spend, 1/3 were in bloom and 1/3 were budding. Just depended on where you were in the forest.

This short 2.5 mile hike is just in from the Salt Point coast tucked away with just a small sign showing where to turn. Once you drive up the paved road it turns to dirt. There’s about 10 parking spots so get there early enough for parking. Since there’s not many that go there it is so peaceful to walk around and spot the bright pink blooms! Look up!! The bushes fight for sunlight with the trees so they reach up and most you can only see the underneath of the plants because they are so tall. It’s a great short and easy hike to just wander around and explore the various trees and plants.

This trail is wonderful all year but definitely the blooms make it amazing! Mother nature and her determination never ceases to amaze with how she finds ways to survive lifetimes and provides so much beauty for all of us to see and feel.

Once you are done here and ready to head home don’t forget to stop off at Fort Ross Winery then a cup of joe and enjoy the gorgeous view of Jenner where the Russian River meets the ocean. Might even get live music to enjoy with the good coffee and scenery. I love our NorCal coast and all it has to offer! Seriously….love where we live.

Check out more about the park and it’s history on the official website here.

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