Water in my life – Bodega Bay

We have a favorite place in Bodega Bay to sit out on the deck along the water and enjoy the bay and local wildlife (people included!). If I could live right on the deck I totally would in a heartbeat…well probably. It does smell pretty fishy!

Being on or near the ocean or some body of water is essential to me. It’s my happy place. My ‘calgon take me away’ place. My place where I feel most at home. It could be that it is ever changing, the water you touch today is not the same as what you would touch tomorrow. It can be calm and serene or wild and dangerous. Water, whether it be ocean, river or lake, nourishes our bodies in one way or another.

For day 3 of Photography 101 the theme is water and taking pics horizontally and vertically. Below are a few taken with my iPhone at Bodega Bay. Please forgive the graininess, it was a wonderfully overcast day which does not lend itself well to phone cameras.

Vertical  iPhone 4S F/2.4 ISO-50
iPhone 4S F/2.4 ISO-50
Horizontal and Panoramic IPhone 4S f/2.4 ISO-50
Horizontal and Panoramic
IPhone 4S f/2.4 ISO-50

If when you get out to Bodega Bay, make sure and stop at The Tides Wharf Restaurant. They have a great deck to sit out and watch the boats come in. We usually see a few healthy sea lions, sea gulls that are super friendly, and my favorite pelicans.

For eats I would recommend the chowder at Spud Point Crab, for drinks I would recommend Gourmet au Bay getting a tasting flight and sitting out on the their amazing deck and watch the sun go down, and for coffee and another amazing view of the bay I would go to the Birds Café.

Say hello to the friendly wildlife!

Welcoming Committee ChairGull
Welcoming Committee ChairGull

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