Armstrong Woods

Ever really thought you could walk through a state park and hear nothing…nothing at all. I have visited Armstrong Woods a handful of times since we moved. It’s where you take visitors who want to see the majestic redwoods. It was also one of our first hikes when we moved.

Getting to Armstrong Woods is half the beauty. Once off the 101 you travel through vineyards, tiny towns and grand trees. It’s a bit windy so if you get carsick be aware of that before you go. It is so worth the trip. Just this past summer I took a dear friend of mine and her family. It was a Wednesday morning and the park was deserted. All we could hear was silence…and her kids. The smell of a redwood forest early in the morning with dew on leaves, deer spying on us and peace is so amazing. We did the short loop which was perfect for the kids. 2 miles of exploring various trees, some burnt and still growing, some fallen, some with burls and lots of offspring (you’ll learn about it all along the trail when you go). I could live there. It was so incredibly peaceful.

The first time my husband and I went we got lost on the trails. We were totally unprepared wearing only flip flops but did remember our water bottles. We were having fun walking along one of the trails just in awe of the beauty surrounding us. Neither had experienced it before. A nice local stopped and chatted with us telling us about the trail and kept looking at our shoes. I think she thought we were crazy! We were. After we made it to the top I was hooked. I couldn’t believe all of this open land, untouched beauty, that went for miles all around us. We are in California right? Yes, my dear we are in NORTHERN California where land is protected. Love it!! One day I want to hike the longer hikes they have but for now we usually take people on the shorter ones so we have energy to stop at Korbel for the tour and free champagne tasting!

Check out a few pics below of the majestic redwoods. Don’t forget to stop and say hello to Colonel Armstrong, he’s over 1,400 years old!

IMG_1536       IMG_1532 sepia      Colonel Armstrong Redwoods sepia





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